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Don’t pay expensive tradeshow and convention internet fees !!!
We provide fast wireless internet connections for any number of computers at any type of event.

Affordable Short Term
Wireless Internet


Local Service – Delivered Nationwide!



Make your next event a one-of-a-kind experience for your entire audience!

Let Microstar Computer Rentals help you give a seamless presentation! We have the highest quality equipment, fastest service, and lowest rental rates. Microstar Computer Rentals can provide audio / visual rental solutions for presentations, meetings, trade shows, exhibit booths, conferences, events. No event is too large or too small. Call one of our experienced staff for a customized quote.

  • Projector Rentals
  • Plasma/LCD Flat Screen Rentals
  • Sound Equipment Rentals
  • Lighting Equipment Rentals
  • Staging Equipment Rentals
  • Camera & Video Gear Rentals
  • Kiosk Rentals
Desktop computer rentals offer
great performance at a competitive price!
Desktop Computer Rentals All PC rentals are pre-loaded with an up-to-date operating system and anti-virus software.

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