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Don’t pay expensive tradeshow and convention internet fees !!!
We provide fast wireless internet connections for any number of computers at any type of event.

Affordable Short Term

Wireless Internet


Bulk PC Rentals for Business Events


MicroStar computer rental products and services cater to corporate conferences, trade shows, training seminars and other corporate events.

Need just a few or a few hundred matching computers to rent?

We can deliver local service – NATIONWIDE!

Hundreds of same model desktops for rent delivered to your trade show, convention, or corporate event.

Lightning Fast Performance

All our desktop computer rentals are equipped with the latest in PC technology. Whether you need just the basics or high-end performance. Microstar has the very latest generation Intel processors, an ample arsenal of RAM, amazing graphic cards and super-fast storage to fit your project. These desktops can handle anything.

Desktop computer rentals offergreat performance at a competitive price!
Desktop Computer Rentals All PC rentals are pre-loaded with an up-to-date operating system and anti-virus software.

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